World Class Shipping imports freight to all USA sea ports and ocean ports facilities. We offer customs clearance, warehousing, drayage and last mile delivery services from all these locations.


Northeast USA

Port of New York, New Jersey

Port of Portland, Maine

Port of Boston, Massachusetts

Port of Bridgeport, CT

Mid Atlantic USA

Port of Wilmington, NC

Port of Baltimore, MD

Port of Norfolk, VA

Southern USA

Port of Jacksonville, FL

Port of Wilmington, NC

Port of Charleston, SC

Port of Savannah, GA

Port Canaveral, Fla

Port of Miami, Fla

Port of Tampa, Fla

Port of Mobile, Al

Port of New Orleans, LA

Port of Houston, TX

Port of Galveston, TX

Port of Corpus Christi, TX

West Coast USA

Port of San Francsico, CA

Port of Long Beach, CA

Port of Seattle, WA

Port of Tacoma, WA

Port of Oakland, CA

Port of Los Angeles, CA