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FOB Shipping-(Free on board)

Free on board shipping means the buyer and seller share the responsibility equally of shipping the goods door to door. The sellers FOB price typically includes export handling and shipping fees from door to destination port. Once landed in the destination country, the buyer then incurs the cost and responsibility of importing, clearing and delivering the goods.  If you purchase goods from a retailer or manufacturer in the USA..and they sell you goods under FOB terms…you the buyer, are required to pay the full fee up front for the goods and then arrange import freight to your own country.  Of course, this is now considered an FOB export from the USA or FOB import to your destination country.
World Class Shipping is the freight forwarder and handling agent of choice when it comes to FOB exports from the USA. Our relationships with major US based warehouses, truckers and air and ocean carriers allow you unsurpassed flexibility and freedom of choice in exporting your goods from the USA to your destination country. We also arrange all documentation,  customs clearance, insurance and transportation from door to door, assuring your FOB purchase is in safe hands at all times.

USA Agent of Choice for FOB shipments

World Class Shipping is also the agent of choice of fellow freight forwarders, brokers and USA manufacturers, retailers and ecommerce companies worldwide. If you have USA export clients with FOB shipments from the USA, our services are tailor made to easily accommodate all phases of the shipping process from sellers door to buyers door.

We make USA FOB exports simple!

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Free on board-FOB Definition

Designation of the passing of risk of loss of goods from seller to buyer.
Free on Board (FOB) indicates that the seller is responsible for getting the goods onto a ship designated by the buyer.  At this point, the risk of loss passes from the seller to the buyer.
When this term is followed by a city, that indicates where the risk will pass.
Background:  Historically, Free on Board was a maritime trade term, however it has been accepted in the ICC Incoterms in connection with the trasportation of goods by sea.  Under common law, the use has been expanded to include inland carriage aboard any vessel, car or other vehicle.
Unless otherwise agreed the term F.O.B. (which means “free on board”) at a named place, even though used only in connection with the stated price, is a delivery term under which
(a) when the term is F.O.B. the place of shipment, the seller must at that place ship the goods in the manner provided in this Article (Section 2-504) and bear the expense and risk of putting them into the possession of the carrier; or
(b) when the term is F.O.B. the place of destination, the seller must at his own expense and risk transport the goods to that place and there tender delivery of them in the manner provided in this Article (Section 2-503);
(c) when under either (a) or (b) the term is also F.O.B. vessel, car or other vehicle, the seller must in addition at his own expense and risk load the goods on board. If the term is F.O.B. vessel the buyer must name the vessel and in an appropriate case the seller must comply with the provisions of this Article on the form of bill of lading (Section 2-323).
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